• OMPL extension:
    The LBT-RRT algorithm developed at TAU for fast and near-optimal motion planning has been incorporated into the Kavraki Lab Open Motion Planing Library and will appear in the next release of the library.
    Project page:
  • CGAL Package - Arrangements:
    added traits class for rational functions
    Project page: Motion Planning via Manifold Samples
  • CGAL Package - Arrangements:
    added guaranteed logarithmic point location in planar subdivisions
    Project page: Guaranteed Logarithmic Planar Point Location
  • CGAL Package - Arrangements :
    upgraded the implementation of the computation of arrangment of polylines
  • PROBI: A heuristic for probabilistic k-median and k-means clustering
    Implementation: PROBI
  • A Parallel-Algorithm for Computing the Flow Complex
    Implementation: Flow Complex
  • Orthogonal Range Clustering
  • An algorithm to compute projections of Resultant polytopes
    Implementation: ResPol
  • Faster Geometric Algorithms via Dynamic Determinant Computation
    Implementation: HeaDDaCHe
  • CGAL Feature: Lifted_Kernel_d
    optimize a sequence of determinantal predicates by storing and reusing determinant minors

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